How to celebrate Valentine's Day when you are single

Who said that Valentine’s Day is not a party for singles ?! 

Until a few years ago, Valentine’s Day was a day reserved exclusively for couples. And the many  solitary hearts  had to resign themselves to spending the evening of February 14 at home, alone. 

Fortunately today, it’s not like that anymore! Accomplice with the dissemination of meeting sites, on Valentine’s Day more and more events are organized for singles, to encourage them to stay in the company, and maybe – why not? – finally meet the soul mate.

For a Valentine’s Day in joy

If on the day when you universally celebrate love, you find yourself alone, the word “fun” should be a categorical imperative for you! For example, you can organize an evening of play with your closest friends, at home or in your favorite restaurant. Or, you can look for opportunities to meet new people (singles like you), to … allow Cupid to hurl his arrows! Whether you are very comfortable in your life as a single, or that this condition weighs you, February 14 you are entitled to happiness! Forget the depressing Valentine’s Day, in slippers and pajamas, watching crumpling movies on the sofa (maybe in the company of a few bottles of beer)!

The boom of meetings evenings

As already mentioned, Internet dating sites are experiencing a particularly fortunate season in recent years. And they offer numerous possibilities to those looking for a new love. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, these sites often organize evenings of singles – speed-date type   – usually at aperitif time, or after-dinner. These are very popular events, where it will not be difficult to find “the other half of the apple”! In addition, you can also participate in those evenings escorted by your group of friends (or girlfriends) single, with whom to exchange valuable advice on the partner to choose from.

Ideas for a successful Valentine’s Day

If you prefer lively and informal events, you can organize an outing to  bowling  or  karting  with your fellow adventurers, so as to share the fun and expenses. The less adventurous, then, can opt for the cinema or theater, or even for an exhibition, a museum or a conference; but even in this case it is advisable to go in a group, to avoid the risk of finding yourself alone surrounded by couples!

In short, Valentine’s Day is no longer (only) the party of lovers and lovers, because it celebrates love in the broadest sense of the word. This means that we can choose to dedicate the 14th February evening to family or friends, and to all the people we love. (As has happened for some time in the United States, for example). Especially if you live in a big city, it will not be difficult for you to spend an unforgettable February 14th. Even if you are single!

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