Online Icebreaker Tips

Twelve percent of first messages men send turn into a date, while women have the advantage of a 30% date conversion rate. No matter what your gender, however, you can increase this rate with a good opening message.

Your initial communication will make or break a potential connection. As shallow as it sounds, we’ve seen people get it wrong too many times to ignore.

The number one mistake people make is beginning a conversation by talking about jobs. Not only does this make you come off as opportunistic, it will also make people question why you are on a dating site.

DO NOT talk about your job in your icebreaker.

Instead, I recommend introducing yourself and even employing a bit of flirtatiousness and charm. 

Here are three ways to help elicit a response:

  1. Use Emojis

There is something about emojis that signal a sense of enthusiasm and cheeriness. They also help call attention to your message.

You can play it safe with a simple wave (👋) or try something more creative. Just don’t overdo it and definitely don’t send anything that can be misconstrued. 

  1. Ask a WildCard Question

The most common icebreaker on a dating website is a simple “hey, how are you?” Not only does this lack creativity, it also looks like a boilerplate message that you send to everyone. 

You can mix things up and convey a bit about your personality with a wild card question.

A wildcard question is anything that is obscure enough to make someone look twice and respond out of sheer interest and curiosity.

The unexpected is always memorable.

  1. Tell a Bad Joke

Telling a terrible joke is a great way to introduce a little levity into a conversation. 

It instantly tells a potential match that you can be silly and is generally considered to be a cute way of opening a dialogue. 

If you don’t get a response or if you get a negative response, you’ll know that person was never right for you anyway.

Before you know it you will be arranging your first date.

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