5 Great Tips On how to get Girls

LoreJust like acquiring your dream job, finding the right girl online is no less than a game of tug of war. We are sure that you have tried dozens of sites to connect with some beautiful girls, but then the girls are either not interested or they refuse to connect! 

Well then, this leads us to the main crux of this blog and that is how to find the right match online. Let us give you some tips and we hope this will help you to finally meet the right girl in person. 

Tip No. 1: The right online dating photo!

Do you know that most of the girls will say no to you just by looking at your profile picture? Your primary photo is the one which will either make it or break the deal. If you are serious about online dating and want to be 100% sure about your profile, then hire a professional to click some of your best photos. 

But, if you have a few already, then make sure to choose them wisely. The first photo is hands down the one you should be particular about. On online dating sites, your profile picture is shown up front. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Pick a photo where you and only you are the centre of attention
  • Never hide your eyes
  • Use a quality image picture
  • Crop if needed, she wants to see your face

Tip No. 2: Work on your username 

In order to impress girls, men often forget that they are here for a reason. Never go with cheesy usernames. That’s a BIG NO! Remember, the girl you are chasing is already full of attention, if she sees a bad or a worse username, then be rest assured, that she will not even bother to read your messages. Choose a username that women will find attractive and not repulsive. 

Tip No. 3: Funny dating profile headlines can make heads turn 

At most dating sites you will see that along with your profile picture, you can also add a small headline. Make use of this feature. Avoid headlines like “looking for my dream woman”, “lonely avenger”, and more. These are not worth the shot. Also avoid negative headlines too. 

Be mindful and use your creativity to draw attention. Try to make the woman laugh just by looking at your headline. Women love humour. So make her curious, let her contact you! Be creative, funny and a little naughtiness never heard anyone! 

Tip No. 4: Work on your profile content 

So, she is already half way through. Hence, the next step to work on is finding the right content for your profile. Tell her a story about yourself in a positive way, try to describe your job in a rather interesting way, and never forget to include your hobbies, you never know, she might have the same hobbies too, and finally describe carefully the person you are looking for. 

Tip 5: Maintain a consistency 

Men often fail to maintain a consistency throughout the profile. Let your profile photo match with your headline and the rest of the profile content. For example, you have mentioned that you like to relax on the weekends, but your photographs are referring to rather clubbing and drinking in a club! Don’t do that. Mean what you say and be honest about yourself. 

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