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The Basic Concept

In the mature age, making new acquaintances may be difficult, but it’s still possible. So the mission of BravoDate is to help people find happiness at any age.

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About Bravo Date

BravoDate is a modern international dating platform that has been performing very well for several years. BravoDate dating site has already connected thousands of single men and women from different countries. There are many examples when men and women, having reached a certain age, withdraw into themselves and quietly grow old. But this is wrong because there are many other people in the world who dream of finding the partner as well.

Of course, in the mature age making new acquaintances may be difficult, however, it’s still possible. So the mission of BravoDate is to help people find happiness at any age. For women, BravoDate has special services. To inspire them and give confidence, a professional makeup artist and photographer work with them. BravoDate knows how to bring the best in every woman to make her feel beautiful! Therefore, all photos on BravoDate are so vivid, bright and lively. This is not a program that edits them, but people themselves!

BravoDate has done the maximum so its users could easily and pleasantly communicate on the platform, get acquainted and then meet in real life. BravoDate’s technical experts ensure that everything works like a clock, is safe and confidential.

Sign up for Bravodate

Creating an account on BravoDate is the first step of your lofe journey and here how you do this:

  • Go to
  • On the main page, you will see several windows that you need to fill in for login – name, email, the password for the site.
  • A letter with registration’s confirmation will be sent to the specified mailbox. By logging into the link indicated in it and entering a password, you will become the owner of a personal profile on Bravodate.


After that, you can fill out a questionnaire about yourself. It is quite detailed and it is done on purpose. After all, it will be interesting for any woman to find out something about you before starting to communicate with you. Add in detail all the information, post some pictures for free and install your favorite one on the avatar. So, you will be guaranteed to receive replies from the ladies you like. They will enjoy communicating with an open and relationship-oriented person.

The security service on BravoDate also recommends completing the questionnaire and installing a profile photo. The fact is that each new account is carefully checked during registration. Having an avatar of a real person, the profile will not be counted as fraudulent or fake. After all, no one personally knows you.

Search & Quality

Let’s explain how to search profiles on BravoDate site. There’s a filter at the top of the page. Filling in it the necessary criteria for the interlocutor – age, country, appearance parameters, education, knowledge of the language, the presence of bad habits, children, etc., you thus narrow your search circle. The robot selects women for these indicators and gives you a list of previews on several pages of the site. You can also carry out the search by yourself, just scrolling through the profiles of participants. So you tighten this procedure a little, but just do not miss out anyone important.

An important aspect of BravoDate resource is the quality of each profile and all the work in general. So, behind every beautiful photo is a real person, not a robot, who artificially “breeds” accounts. All profiles are carefully checked by the security service when registering, posting or sending any documents. The information on the page is checked by a special program for stop words that may be fraudulent or even terrorist in nature. If you have doubts or threats, the profile is first blocked, and in the absence of evidence of the user, the profile will be deleted.

How to use

Using BravoDate dating site, as you can see, is quite simple. The interface was designed by BravoDate in such a way as not to overload it with unnecessary information. Light colors and moderate shades’ brightness of the page design do not irritate the eyes and strain them. In the special tabs, you can find several useful articles, read tips on using the site or frequently asked questions. There is a page with reviews. By the way, according to many of BravoDate users, it encourages not to be shy, take the first steps in communication and build your love.

As already mentioned, according to the specified criteria, the robot selects suitable candidates, having at the same time, 6 or 9 accounts per page for display. The photos are small in size, but they can be easily enlarged and viewed. On the preview, besides the photo, you will see the age of the girl, her country, activity on the site, rating (there is not everywhere) and the number of downloaded pictures. Also, there are contrasting buttons for quick access to the messenger, where you can write to a woman or make a video call. Both services are paid, so they can be provided only if there are a sufficient number of credits in the account.


Find out the money question. So, for the full site’s use, you must have a positive balance on the account. Let’s describe how to do it. With your bank card, you purchase credits at BravoDate website rates. BravoDate credits are sold in “packages”. This is convenient because in one transaction you get a lot of payment’s means at once, and it’s profitable because the more credits in the “package”, the cheaper is each of them.

All movements of funds – the amount of currency spent at any time, the number of credits received, the number of credits used (and what they are used for) and any other statistical data on your account can be monitored and controlled in your personal account on the site. There you can also make payments. Also for the purchase of credits special terminals in many public places can be used.

Please note that for additional services there is a separate price list, which is located on the site and is being updated all the time. Depending on various factors, the prices of certain services, except for the translator’s work, may vary. Consider this when ordering.


Spam is another serious problem of many sites, but not of BravoDate team of technicians worked many days to ensure that the servers were equipped with a special filter that does not allow malicious software, various viruses, and so on.

The newly created accounts are checked. Bravodate also periodically check existing profiles. If photos, videos or any other documents are uploaded to your account, they will also be checked. This usually happens unnoticed by you, in the hours with the least load on the site. But verification can be carried out at any time if there is a need.

Please, also do not lose vigilance! If you notice a suspicious activity of any page or strange messages from eunknown people, be sure to inform BravoDate technical support service using a special feedback form.

Pros and Cons

Bravodate service’s advantages:

  • Simple and clear interface. BravoDate did not overload the pages and the messenger with unnecessary information so as not to distract users. If you wish, you can find useful articles on the site, customer reviews, a contact button with technical support and much more, but all this is not evident.
  • Large geographic coverage. On BravoDate you can chat with women over 40 years old from differnt parts of the world – Europe, America, Asia, Australia.
  • Free registration and bonus – placing up to 5 photos on the site. Join BravoDate, try using the site to communicate, see how it works.
  • Affordable prices for additional services. In addition to basic services – correspondence, calls, video chats, etc., you can also order – translation services, organizing real gifts for women in their city and country, holding events, foreign language courses both for you and your girlfriend.
  • Fully legal and transparent service. No fraud and fake pages. Only real girls and only honest services.

BravoDate also has disadvantages:

  • The African region and Muslim countries are poorly covered.
  • There are no free credits at registration, you must immediately buy them. Also, there is no monthly fee.


Of course, marriage is not the thing that could happen so quickly! But to bring it closer, and even more so, to build a strong love relationship with the woman you like – is quite real and fast enough. As you can see, the entire technical arsenal and BravoDate experience gained over the years – on your side for help! Just try it once and you will enjoy your changes! Judging by the reviews, this happens with everyone, which means that the likelihood of such an event in your life is also very high. BravoDate will be happy to assist you with everything!

Hopefully, this BravoDate review has helped you to understand how to use the platform to your benefits. On BravoDate dating site, you have all the chances to find the love of your life!

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